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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

I hope you had a chance either last weekend or today to pass those family history flyers out during Sunday, or insert them in your sacrament program. We need to make sure we get the word out in our wards that we are available to help and teach family history to them and their families. We want them to know that we are available when they are having trouble preparing names for the temple. We don't have the formal classes we once had so we need to make sure we include family history in our conversations with our friends.

Are you familiar with this website? FamilySearch Community It is a great resource for members and for family history consultants. After you sign in, you will have two choices...

On the left side you have Browse - Ask - Answer. Find Answers and Post your Questions. Click on Support Questions and it will cover so many topics, all related to family history and FamilySearch. You can post questions and help answer some you might know. I would take the time to search and look around so when you do need it for a resource, you will be familiar with it.

On the right side of that first page is... Find - Create - Join. Join a group and collaborate with others.

I have used this one many times and there are great ideas and solutions. Click on Groups and you will be able to 'join groups of likeminded people where you can ask and answer questions, share resources, and receive the latest updates on topics that interest you.'

Again, take a look around and you can JOIN any of the groups that you see of interest for you and your personal research and there are many resources for our family history callings.

Once you join a group, you can click on Manage Notifications and have updates emailed to you so you follow topics without having to sign in each time. For example, there is a group called All Temple & Family History Consultants. Members share what works and what doesn't in their wards. They also ask questions and we have the opportunities to share our ideas. And with both sites, you can search the 'threads' of topics and see if your questions has already been asked and answered. Another group that I like to follow is called, FamilySearch Tips and Tricks

I hope you take the time to go over these resources. They are invaluable. The Church is providing so much for us.

Another thought regarding help. I just want to remind you that you can call Family History Support for your calling, mostly used for technical questions with FamilySearch but call 1-866-406-1830.

I will share additional insight in other posts. Keep in mind that I am still posting these emails to my blog for easy access in case you misplace these emails.

Have a fabulous Memorial Day and hopeful we will some have warmer weather soon.


Jill Holmes

Family History Handout for Your Ward

Saturday, May 18, 2019

I will be working on a few emails/blog posts for you. There have been some great changes in family history over all.

First off, I have attached a handout we have used before. I have updated it slightly and need the wards to make copies and have them inserted in your sacrament programs. This is important to remind our members of the opportunities are out there to work with you consultants.

Also, with this email group, if your ward has had new consultants called or you think some of your leadership would benefit with these emails, please let them know to contact me. You have my email address.

I recently taught a Relief Society meeting for one of the wards and I went over with them the two FamilySearch apps, Family Tree and Memories. I had the sisters bring with them pictures of ancestors or stories to upload right there in class. The sisters had a great time and I ended with the most fun part, using the 'Relatives Around Me'. We found out we were all related and that was fun to compare our relation with each other. Sometimes that can be a game changer for many.

In my next email I want to discuss The Role of Coordinating Meetings. Check out the meetings from RootsTech 2019 about these meetings and then I will share overview of them. It is a new/updated way that we work with the leadership of our wards to further temple and family history work.

President Russell M. Nelson: “We can be inspired all day long about temple and family history experiences others have had. But we must do something to actually experience the joy ourselves.” He continued, “I invite you to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice—preferably a sacrifice of time—you can make [to] do more temple and family history work.”

I hope all is well with you all. Can't wait for summer to come.

Sis. Jill Holmes

Updates in Family History this Week

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Here is some additional information from RootsTech 2019. First link is to all the syllabus' that was available to all those that attended. I know in the past they didn't keep these up on the internet, so just in case, I would visit it and download/print those that interest you.

Here are all the videos that they streamed during conference for FREE. These will also include past RootsTech sessions. Look through also the 'Latter-day Saints' videos that I shared in the last email.

I hope you have a chance to watch/listen to them and gain more insight and learning on what is available.

How are you doing in your wards with teaching family history, helping members find a name to take to the temple etc.? Last week I was invited to teach the Young Women and Relief Society how to use the Family Tree and Memories App from FamilySearch. We had a great time and they all had their tablets or smart phones. I made sure they were downloaded ahead of time and signed in. That saves a bunch of time. I went over a quick overview and then dived into each area of the apps. I didn't go into much details because I wanted to show them what was available. I also had them bring a picture or story and had them take a picture of the picture and add it to Memories. I know, I would rather had a scanned image, but it was better than nothing and they were able to feel good about that accomplishment. But the one that they loved and I saved it for last was the 'Relatives Around Me'. We were all related to each other and even though we all know that we are in God's family, there is just something to know that your neighbor is kin. It maybe far off, like 10th cousins, twice removed. But who cares when you find that connection. There is just something about it.

As always, if you need assistance in your wards to increase awareness of all that is offered, please let me know. These are the 6 things we want to increase:

1. Log into FamilySearch
2. Four generations to be filled out
3. Converts to prepare names for baptisms
4. Youth prepare names for baptisms
5. Add a photo or story to Memories app
6. Indexing

We are starting off a bit low in numbers for January and February, so we need to do the best we can to work with the members. Work with the Relief Society Presidency and Elder's Quorum Presidencies to help find those that need to be taught. This should be covered in their meetings. What a better way to activate or strengthen our members, through family history. I know you know that but we need to remind our leaders.

I hope this is a great week for you. I'm enjoying this sunshine. It is beautiful.

I also can't wait for General Conference and any new announcements that might be coming.

Again, if you need assistance, please let me know.

RootsTech Broadcasts & Links

Monday, March 4, 2019

I hope that you were all able to watch the Thursday night and Saturday morning RootsTech Broadcasts. Both were so good. Thursday night had 3 of the apostles and Saturday was Elder and Sis. Bednar. Fantastic talks. We are so blessed to have these resources available to us.

The information below is taken from another email from FamilySearch blog & LDS365 as it covers the same information that I would cover. Just click the 'title' as it is a link to the information I would like you to review.

I have attached the Stake Family History Goals. In the Thurs night leadership broadcast, it talked about having a ward plan. Please use the guidelines of the stake area plan. It is in sync with the area plan. If there are any questions, please let me know. I have also attached our family history numbers for last year. Please review those.

On February 28, 2019, Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke at the Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction meeting. He suggested three things ward leaders can do to help members in temple and family history callings be more comfortable and effective.

Clarify the ward’s leadership pattern for temple and family history work.
Create a ward temple and family history plan.
Hold ward temple and family history coordination meetings.

At the Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction meeting on February 28, 2019, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles invited a group of local ward leaders on stage to participate with him in a live, unscripted coordination meeting. They counseled about ways to apply the instruction they had just received from Elder Renlund and Elder Stevenson, providing an example of how a temple and family history coordination meeting might work at a ward level.

Elder Bednar asked the group if it was possible to have a simple ward temple and family history plan, and how they might keep it so going forward. “We do not do simple plans well,” Elder Bednar said. “We do complicated plans that nobody pays attention to.”

“How do we get a simple plan,” he asked, “that people can really understand and work with?”

I will share in other emails that will go over aspects of the RootsTech Conference. There are some great handouts, videos of classes that are FREE and a few of the announcements that FamilySearch and other companies, like and made.

Enjoy the week. Try to keep dry. If you have any questions, or need clarification, please let me know.

San Bernardino, California Stake Family History Goals 2019

Sunday, February 24, 2019

San Bernardino Stake Family History Goals 2019

Objective:  Discover, Gather, Connect is the newest program of the church. Involving all members of the stake to take an active role in their family history with the assistance of the Ward Temple and Family History Consultants, Elders and Relief Society leaders. Members are to Discover, Gather and Connect family names to perform ordinances in the temple and then teach what they have learned to others in the ward and their own families. Include the MY Family Booklet to get started. This would accomplish the goal of the Area Plan to Increase number of family names submitted to the temple by the youth, new converts and others.

1. Converts who were baptized in the past 1-3 years. Submit at least 1-2 names to the temple for baptism for the dead, add 4 generations to FamilySearch. Prepare all ordinances for that individual for temple work. When converts have been members for one year, prepare them to attend the temple for their own endowment.
2. Youth 11 and older – Find 1-2 names to take to the temple for baptisms. Participate in adding 4-generations to FamilySearch.
3. Ward and Family Members. The names that the youth and converts find, the initiatory, endowment and sealings can be done by their parents or other members of their wards.

How to Achieve:
Ward Temple and Family Consultants should work with the ward missionaries and accompany them with newly baptized converts. Stake Temple and Family History Consultant – Lead, Sis. Jill Holmes, will use email, phone calls and training meetings at the ward level, if necessary, to work with consultants, Elder’s Quorum (EQ) and Relief Society (RS) leaders to discuss goals, training opportunities for the individual needs of the ward.

1. The youth can use these activities to sign off in Duty to God, Boy Scouts, and Personal Progress.
2. Less actives in our wards assigned EQ and RS ministers can enter the homes of less actives with the booklets and introduce family history in the most basic way. After the 1st meeting, if they are still interested, invite a ward temple and family consultant to go to the visit.
3. With active members, the ministering program would be a great way to introduce family history to our members and work one on one with them. Those being taught always love having someone to listen to them when talking about their family and retelling of old memories.

All members in the San Bernardino Stake to use FamilySearch to create a 4-generation pedigree, as a work in progress. That can be established when connecting with other lines and maybe easier than one thinks. Our stake can more than double our numbers for the year 2019 from previous year’s results. Please see attached Members Submitting Names Yearly Report.
President Russell M. Nelson has said; “I invite you to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice—and preferably a sacrifice of time—you can make to do more family history and temple work this year”.

Please see below for the year end numbers for 2018. To see images larger, click them.